Mario BERTULLI - the secret

Your secret is completely undetectable!

Do you want to gain a few centimeters without it being obvious? Without using the basic heel pads that are rigid, uncomfortable and unsightly?

Mario BERTULLI elevator shoes have the perfect solution to meet your expectations—high quality shoes that hide a unique system allowing you to instantly gain up to 10 cm in height... And without those around you suspecting anything.

The special Mario BERTULLI manufacturing process incorporates a reinforced inner sole at the heel of the shoe. Its anatomical and contoured shape respects the arch of the foot for ease and unbeatable comfort.
The exterior appearance of the shoe is perfectly normal; no higher or even thicker heels. You grow from within, your silhouette appears slimmer, and your growth secret is well kept.



The integrated inner sole that can go up to 6-8cm depending on the model is added to the standard heel (2-4 cm depending on model) for an increase in height of a maximum of +10cm.

We offer an instant gain in height, but we also guarantee a more assured gait for more self-confidence, better posture, and a straighter back for many advantages that no customer is able to live without.

Try our height enhancing shoes and you will immediately feel the difference and their positive effects!

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